The Betty Louise

IMG_4142Muncy’s historic and cultural heritage has always been tied to the Susquehanna River and the park’s location is ideal to celebrate its legacy.

One feature of the park is the Betty Louise – our replica Pennsylvania canal boat shown below. 

Muncy Historical Society volunteers traveled to Easton two years ago to dismantle the large cargo boat exhibit belonging to the PA Canal Society.


Volunteers disassembled the replica into 172 pieces in order to transport it out of the museum in Easton and into trucks for transport to Muncy. The effort took seven trips over the course of ten days. When the pieces arrived in Muncy, they were stored in several barns until the park was ready to accommodate the canal boat.

Beginning early this year, the Betty Louise was assembled in its own pavilion. “It was a challenge to put it back together,” said Mark Springman of Epic Construction who oversaw the effort.

Pennsylvania’s canals were the super highways of their time and were operational from around 1815 to 1855. Canal cargo boats were about 80 to 90 feet long, could carry 80 to 90 tons of cargo and were pulled by mules.