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10th Annual Quilt Show

Friday, July 18, 2014, 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Saturday, July 19, 2014, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Location: Ward L. Myers Elementary School, 125 New Street, Muncy
Expanded Hours, Air-conditioned facility, convenient parking

UGRRF_4This year we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of our annual quilt show so we have chosen “anniversary” as our 2014 challenge theme. Tin, aluminum and diamonds are the perfect gifts for a 10th wedding anniversary and challenge entrants might have chosen one, two or all three of these for their “challenge” inspiration.

To celebrate our anniversary we will accessorize the show with wedding gowns from the Muncy Historical Society’s extensive collection. The gowns will be highlighted and exhibited throughout the Show, making this a very unique opportunity to view antique, vintage and contemporary gowns alongside our always very diverse quilt exhibition.

In keeping with our 2014 focus on the UGRR, quilters will have the opportunity to participate in a Scavenger Hunt that will take them to several locations in the Muncy community for answers and to be rewarded with a free quilt block or two. For those who complete the Hunt, their completed passport will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing. Continue reading “10th Annual Quilt Show”

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Quilters Rummage Sale & Workshop

Saturday, July 19, 2014, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.
Location: Muncy Historical Society, 40 N. Main Street, Muncy

UGRRF_5Our third annual Quilter’s Rummage Sale will feature a wide variety of material (being sold by the pound) plus books, kits, quilter tools and other quilt-related paraphernalia. Judith Cole Youngman’s two books, the Amadeus notecards and the Society’s historic patterns will also be available.

Saturday, July 19, 2014, 9 a.m.-Noon
Location: Muncy Historical Society, 40 N. Main Street, Muncy

This year’s workshop will be both educational and hands-on. For this workshop, Judith Cole Youngman will introduce a pattern of her own design, the Lycoming Lily, and she will help attendees plan their own quilt. The workshop fee is $20. Class size is limited and pre-registration is required. Registration forms are available by calling 570-546-5917.


2012 Quilt Show Winners

Muncy Historical Society’s
8th Annual Quilt Show Winners 2012


Nancy Simmons, Duncannon, PA



Lana Miller, Northumberland



Lana Miller, Northumberland



Nancy Bobst, Cogan Station



  1. Judith Youngman, Muncy

  2. Iva McCoy, Muncy




  1. Iva McCoy, Muncy

  2. Lucy Henry, Montgomery

  3. Abby Appleman Schrack, Turbotville



  1. Lana Miller, Northumberland

  2. Nancy Brobst, Cogan Station

  3. Judith Youngman, Muncy



  1. Sue Snyder, Hughesville

  2. Wendy Etzel, Williamsport

  3. Lorraine Lenhart, Mifflinburg



  1. Lana Miller, Northumberland

  2. Judith Youngman, Muncy

  3. Lana Miller, Northumberland



  1. Nancy Simmons, Duncannon

  2. Sue Snyder, Hughesville

  3. Jacalyn Street Hamaker



  1. Rhonda Freezer-Adams, Hughesville

  2. Rhonda Freezer-Adams, Hughesville



  1. Nancy Simmons, Duncannon

  2. Sue Snyder, Hughesville

  3. Jacalyn Street Hamaker



Society Hosts Judith Cole Youngman Book Signing and One-Person Exhibit

Judith Cole Youngman
Judith Cole Youngman

The Muncy Historical Society celebrates Last Friday in August by hosting a book signing, featuring Judith Cole Youngman with her latest book “Amadeus Quilts – A Journal of Encouragement” and a spectacular display of full-size quilts and wall-hangings. This one-day show, Friday, August 31, noon to 8 p.m. will highlight the Society’s last “Last Friday” event at its 40 N. Main Street Location.

Youngman was born in New England to fourth-generation Yankees and raised in Vermont. Her early education included several years in a one-room school. She was graduated from Northfield School and then Brown University, where she studied biology and art history. Her past fifty years have been spent in North Central Pennsylvania raising a family, serving as a community volunteer, and working as a nursing home administrator. In her other life Judith continues to study, write, teach and make quilts.

In 1976, influenced by the American Bicentennial, and with the generous direction of a talented friend, Judith made her first quilt. After that experience quilting became her chosen form of creative expression. As the years passed and her focus narrowed, replications of vintage quilts became paramount. The powerful connection between anonymous 19th century quiltmakers and her own production solidified. Judith was honoring them and finding inspiration for herself.

Her warmth and passion for teaching is legendary; her enterprising spirit greatly admired; and her instructive classes reflect both traditional and the latest contemporary trends in the quilting world. Youngman celebrates quilting as an art with her strong sense of color; by promoting programs, exhibitions, publications and research; and by collecting and preserving and documenting materials related to quilt replication and pattern.

To commemorate a milestone birthday the author presents this new collection, “Amadeus Quilts” of her verse and art to encourage and inspire. Observations about life, laced with humor and perception, are offered in tandem with images of quilts based on a 19th century sensibility. Judith hopes that her readers “will discover a sense of renewal and beauty” in her new release.

Suzanne Murray, the book’s editor, had this to say about Youngman’s latest efforts: “Working with Judith is quite the enriching experience. And I think her new book will enrich readers’ lives. Not only does her verse provoke thought, but the art of her quilts inspires close study. One of my favorite verses begins: ‘We have a choice each morning regarding the attitude we will embrace for the day…’ Why a favorite? Because it has made me more mindful of how I approach each new day. And while not a quilter myself, the beauty of Judith’s quilts opened my eyes to what works of art they are.”

Nella Godbey Storm, recipient of the Art Education Association’s “Art Teacher of the Year” Award, praises Youngman and her “unique level of understated drama with color choices and pattern configurations that are both subtle and captivating. Like all great art, her works read from the distance pulling the viewer in…and patterns play off each other…” In 2010 Muncy’s Quilt Show judges awarded Best of Show and Best Use of Color honors to Youngman’s quilt “William Penn Courthouse Steps.”

For this one-day show, Youngman has selected specific pieces from her collection which present the viewer with “a visual dialogue that is compelling, subtle, and full of imagination” according to Storm. Her selections, most of which will be available for purchase, represent a mosaic of fabric infused with elegance and knowledge that has raised Youngman’s art of the quilt to a pinnacle that has rarely been achieved according to Storm.

In addition to both of Youngman’s books and her one-person show, the museum’s meeting room will be transformed into a quilters’ rummage sale. A wide variety of material (being sold by the pound) plus books, quilter tools & other quilt-related paraphernalia will be on sale. Amadeus notecards and quilt patterns will also be available.

Light refreshments will be served from noon to 8 p.m.

More information is available by calling the Muncy Historical Society at 570-546-5917. On the Internet at http://www.MuncyHistoricalSociety.org or http://www.MuncyQuilts.com or email MuncyHistorical@aol.com.