12th Annual Quilt Show & Exhibition

The quaint and beautiful river town of Muncy once again is the setting for the Muncy Historical Society’s annual Quilt Show. Slated for July 15-16, visitors will have the opportunity to view antique and contemporary quilts at the Quilt Show in the Celebration Hall and Fellowship Room, at the show’s new location, First United Methodist Church, 602 S. Market Street. This new location features easier access and more convenient and ample parking. Admission to the two-day show is $8 for a single day or $12 for a multi-day pass. The show runs from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, July 15 and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, July 16.

2015 Judges' Choice Winner, Barbara Stiner, Bloomsburg
2015 Judges’ Choice Winner, Barbara Stiner, Bloomsburg

The Muncy show is more than a quilt show. The loves of immigrants who came to this country, to our state, and to our county will be explored and expressed in a social and cultural context—the who, why, when and where. The show’s theme “Finding Our Way! Mapping Our Past: Quilting’s Legacy” will be accessorized with special “worldwide” memorabilia from the museum’s and private collections.

A highlight of the show will be the silk globe made by Anna Webb in 1816 while she was a student at Westtown School. Philadelphia Quakers raised the money to build the boarding school and Westtown School, located in Chester County, opened in May 1799. The Quakers wanted to provide their children with “guarded education” away from the secular influences of society. Westtown School has nine of the thirty-nine known to exist in the United States and England; nearby Chester County Historical Society has four globes in its collection; and the Muncy Historical Society has Anna Webb’s. The Society’s globe was donated by Nancy Doutt on behalf of her Muncy Township Fry family siblings, descendants of Anna (Webb) Ritter. Anna Webb also made her husband-to-be’s wedding shirt and that will be on display near the globe.    Continue reading ” 12th Annual Quilt Show & Exhibition”